Quick Mirror Decoration with Frosted Vinyl

Check out my ‘new’ mirror, with its ‘etched glass’ at the top.

It is really quite simple using the frosted vinyl with any design you want, think monograms, names, butterflies, flowers, on and on the options go. For our mirror I just chose a simple swirl decal. The key to working with frosted vinyl is know which way is up its pretty easy really. Take a good look at it, you will notice there are some words on the background. Look for those words if they are backwards then the vinyl is facing up, if they are the right way your looking at the backing. Simple as that. (If you cant see it click on the picture to try and blow it up.)

Then its a simple cut out of the shape on your circut or silloute, and a trim down of the whole thing. For the trim down I First  peel off the extra vinyl then cover the whole thing with the transfer tape. Then trim it down as close as possible to the decal.

Next find where you want it on the mirror, a little measuring never hurt and mark it out with dry erase markers. Lastly peel it off the backing and place it on the mirror, rub from the center out to the edge and there you have it.


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