10K Training: 10k Complete!


So this weekend I got to run my charity 10k., to see why I picked this specific race read my I’m Running for Mark  post. Anyway on with the show.


I ran this one alone, no one signed up with me and no ‘fans’ came with, to be honest  I was ok with that, I just didn’t know how it was going to go. However after signing up and posting on Facebook about it I found out another friend of mine was walking the 5k later on the same day.  So it was great to see her and know I would have that support if needed.


So I arrived at the venue plenty early and went to the fundraising table to pick up my incentives I earned from the fundraising (thanks!) I made the first 2 levels so I got their cool tech shirt and this fun water bottle, which by the way I’m using at work today.

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Then I went and scooped out the venue, found the starting line and got ready to go. Right before the race I met a cool group of guys, I heard one of them talking about ‘just started running in Febuary’ and ‘trying to qualify for a relay but I get a handicap for my age’ so I thought we might be in the same arena as far as speed. Umm no later he flippantly said something about and 8 something pace, umm no. But no matter here we go.

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The first 2 miles went well I was keeping right on the pace I wanted, around 9:15 per mile, and I was right at that or a little faster. Then all of the sudden my new Garmin 610 (more on that next week) starting reading way different than the mile markers on the course. Since the watch is new and the course was certified I trusted the flags and just kept running at ‘whatever speed’ My watch was signaling the mile splits WAY before the flags so it was annoying to say the least.  No matter I just kept running and since the was no 6 mile flag I just upped my speed as soon as I realized I was nearing the finish.

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The finish line was fun I even got to see my friend waiting for me there. The timer said right around and hour and I knew I wasn’t in the start of the pack so I thought I had for sure broken my 1 hour goal. But alas when I saw the stats it said 1:00:24, then later they changed it to 1:00:30 hint #1 things were wonky. Stats Time to Fly

Hint #2 was talking to some guys who I over heard grumbling a little I learned that the course was indeed long. It was actually 6.5 or so miles not 6.2. Which of course changes everything so I’m saying these are my final results:

Run Time: 1:00:24

Average Pace: 9:17 per Mile

Rank: 33 out of 124 Women  and 110 out of 249 overall.

Oh and I met this cute little fighter named Faith:

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One thought on “10K Training: 10k Complete!

  1. The 5k seemed longer too. Wonder if it was the same case? If so then my 5k time was probably better too. That would make me so happy!

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