Husband Challenge Linky Party #8

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Life Love Green

What I love about Mac this month is getting things done.

Over all Mac and I have a pretty busy life, between full time jobs, differing work schedules, paintball trips and just life, its hard to get those projects done around the house. But recently I was motivated by my brother and Sister in Law as well as my best friend who both recently bought new houses…and both have more projects done in them than we have in 3 years. Ok maybe thats not quite true but it feels like it.

Anyway we are working on it, making a plan and hoping to get some rooms re-done here in the next few months.  We are working together planning, prioritizing and facing reality. They are not all going to get done anytime soon, also the fact is I like projects more than Mac does so we are seeing what ones I’m able to do on my own and which ones we need to work together on.

This planning does a few things:  One calms me down a bit, if I know we have a plan and that we are on the same page I can breath easier. Two it also lets him know that when I make my many lists I’m not expecting him to do EVERYTHING on it.

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