The new Plant Bottle, how green is it?

Have you seen all the new promotion of greener bottles lately? Ok its not that new but I finally decided to do some looking into it when I saw this bottle on the table at the new restaurant we tried out the other day.
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According to their web  page “Enjoy the Ketchup you love in a bottle that’s made from up to 30% renewable plant material and is still 100% recyclable. ” Humm this makes me wonder all sorts of things…

    • How many restaurants actually recycle the bottles?
    • Why don’t more restaurants just use the reusable squeeze bottles, I know they are more work (washing and such) but I would imagine they would be cheaper in the long run.
    • Did you catch the UP TO part of the 30% renewable plant, why is that? How much do they really use? (Here is the FAQ page with the answer, didn’t want to bore you with another copy and paste.)


Dasani is also using the same Plant Bottle as part of their marketing strategy as well as many of the Coca-Cola products but it is more obvious in some.

In the end, if you really want to be green, just don’t drink pop honestly. Use reusable water bottles not disposable and if you must buy one go ahead and buy a plant bottle then make sure you recycle it.


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