10k Training: Final week before a race

For longer races (1/2 Marathons, Marathons) there is a lot of talk of cutting back or “tapering” on your training for a few weeks before the big day.  For shorter races however I won’t do that so much I am taking it easy this week but mostly because I don’t want to do anything stupid right before a race.

Here is the plan:

Monday:  3 Miles short and slow

Wednesday: Fartleks 4 Miles

Friday: 3 Miles at 9:30-9:45 (depending on heath and humidity)

Saturday: Race Day ?!?9:30?!?

All Week: No caffine, lots of sleep,  and minimal amounts of processed food.

Friday Night: Pasta seemed to work well before my 1/2 and while I won’t need nearly as much I think I will try to get some healthy carbs into my diet this Friday night. Friday night before bed I’ll also be drinking a large bottle of water with a Fizz tab (electrolites and amino acids) to help keep me hydrated during the run but not so hydrated right before it that I have to stop during the run 😉


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