Thoughts on Thursday: Put the cell phone down.

Mac and I are part of a weird generation. One the started with out cell phones and now one that seemingly can’t survive with out them. This is a convenience and an intrusion on our life that we are all still getting used to, and in my opinion we don’t know the true impact it will have on our lives.

One way I see it impacting myself specifically is when I’m with Mac one on one. Last night for example, we got in the car to go out for dinner and I was immediately on my phone checking one thing or another that ‘couldn’t wait.’ Then once we got to the restaurant I had to take it out again to check in there. Really? Had to? I kept putting it away, trying to focus on Mac but then we would get talking about something and I would pull it out to show him something on the Internet or on Facebook. Back and forth in and out the whole dinner, well at least until food arrived.

There are lots of good reasons to have a cell phone, but there are also many reasons to put it away. Your marriage is one of them.


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