Green in the News #7

Well this post should have been last week but I wanted to follow up my Strange Things you can Recycle post with the Strange Things you can Compost so I decided to just wait till this week.


Anyway once a month I try to gather a few ‘green’ news items that are interesting to me or I have an opinion on and share them with you. Then I add a little of my own commentary. 

The Beauty Industries Ugly Side

You shouldn’t have to suffer to be beautiful. But many women suffer for the beauty of others, polishing nails and styling hair with a toxic palette of chemicals.

Working long hours amid noxious fumes, salon workers, typically women of color, are in constant contact with chemicals linked to various illnesses and reproductive health problems. ~ on Huffington Post

My Opinion:

Not going to lie this is the common sense post of the day.  Just like the article alludes to we walk in to nail salons to be greeted by workers in masks…do you really think those do anything against the mass of chemicals they are inhaling?  So what do we do, that is their livelihood, do we stop going? Do we find one with better ventilation. Do we bring our own chemical free polish for them to use in hopes it catches on? Honestly I’m not sure, but taking responsibility for yourself and your impact is the first step.

Refrigerator viewing gets easier.

In kitchens across the world, nearly everyone does it. Indecisive eaters stand in front of refrigerators with the door ajar, debating what their next snack will be and wasting electricity in the process. ~By  @ The Huffington Post 

My Opinion:

I actually think this is a great idea, except one small thing…I don’t organize my fridge often and really don’t want people seeing that mess. Otherwise I think the concept is sound, according to the post 7% of home energy is leaving the fridge door open, so why not eliminate that altogether?

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