Taking healthy up a level.

So I was going to title this one “back on the healthy train,” then I realized I never really jumped off the train I just moved back a car or 2. So I’m working my way back towards the engine if you will taking baby steps to get there. 

I’ve noticed a snowball effect since I got back from my cruise.

  •  I’ve not actually grocery shopped, we have picked up a few things here and there and I’ve been to the farmers market. But food choices were a bit more processed over the last few weeks for lack of fresh ingredients (with the exception of two weeks ago.) 
  • Also when we choose to go out instead of nice restaurants with real food we went to fast food or pizza.  

Those 2 food changes aren’t major I’m still not eating anything too bad but still I’ve noticed them affecting me. It has lead to my runs being slower and me needing more caffeine to get through work, since I don’t have the proper nutrients to fuel me. More caffeine means I sleep poorly which just starts the cycle all over again.

So here are my baby steps back to craving healthy foods as well as an overall healthier attitude:

  • Walk the stairs at least 3 times at work per day.
  • Drink 20 oz of water before each meal (within the 1.5 hrs before)
  • Limit myself to 2 ‘sweets’ (I have a family wedding this weekend and I”m not being a kill joy)
  • Limit caffeine to only the day I work at 4:30 AM and then drive to Iowa.
  • Track my calories 6 days out of 7
  • Take my Vitamins 5 days this week (I’m so bad at this…)

I’m SOOO close to being to my goal weight and being on maintenance I’ve been playing around in a 3 pound range for about 3 weeks now. If I could just drop that 1 last pound and then stay there for 2 weeks I will officially be on maintenance!

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