Thoughts on Thursday: Its time to stop….


Sometimes you have to make tough decisions, Today is one of those days for me

I love my husband, love him like crazy but that doesn’t make March 14th, June 15th, or December 10th any less… weird.  In fact it makes them more weird.  You see March 14th was my 1st husbands birthday June 15th was our anniversary (10 this year) and December 10th is the day he went to heaven.  I’m not going to lie its weird to grieve when your married to someone else.

So today I’ve decided its time to stop posting about those 3 days.

To be honest I’m a little scared, the whole reason I started blogging was to keep friends and family updated on Mark. Since then it has evolved into LLG, but part of it has always been my place to talk about that part of my life openly. I know that many of you still read this blog to check in on me 😉

Don’t misunderstand, Mac gets it. He is incredibly understanding and obviously knew what he was getting into before we started dating (in fact he had even met Mark once or twice in passing.) But I can’t imagine how weird it is for him to see me publicly write about this 3 times a year.  So even though this post addresses the issue (because I didn’t want to stop without telling you why, since as I said many of you read this to keep tabs on me.) I’m no longer going to write posts about those 3 days.

Mac I love you, I know its awkward for you, I know that if its still a hard day you will hug me and love me and not think anything bad about me. But I also know how hard it is for this to be ‘in your face.’ Muah!

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