Strange things you can compost

So last week I told you a few “Strange things you can recycle” today is strange things you can compost!

First a few stipulations. These are mostly for home composting. My cities organics program is strictly ‘yard waste only’ because they end up mulching most of it, but check with your own to see if they will accept true compost material.  Also again, the start of this information came from Earth 911 however I did more research and added some extras for you.

  • Pet and Human Hair– High in helpful nitrogen hair is a great additive to your compost pile.
  • Left over wine– Trow it in it helps the composting process!
  • Cotton in all forms– Think cotton balls, swabs (if the handle is cardboard not plastic) dryer lint and shredded cotton or wool.
  • Moldy Cheese– Hey the process has already started for you.
  • Tea Bags
  • Leftover Cooked Pasta and Rice
  • Old Herbs and Spices-Will this help the smell?!?!
  • Pencil Shavings
  • Vacuum bag/canister contents
  • Bird cage paper and droppings
  • Stale Dog or Cat Food

I’m considering starting a small kitchen compost this year, not sure if I have the time or the knowledge honestly but I’m going to start doing some research. If you have any good sights or books for me let me know in the comments please, I would love your feedback.

One thought on “Strange things you can compost

  1. Haha. We just had speakers come who said not to put pasta and rice because they can breed bacteria that is harmful for your soil. Wish you live closer so we could have had you come talk!

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