Strange things to Recycle

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I was looking at Earth 911 the other day and found an interesting article about 10 things you didn’t know you could recycle.  After reading it a bit I realized it should be split into recycling and composting, so I decided to split it up for you and try to find a few other things as well. So here we go.

Did you know you can recycle your:

  •  Blue Jeans– So donation is a great 1st option but what if your jeans are beyond the state of donation? Recycle them! Check out Cotton from Blue to Green to see how they make them in to insulation and how to ship your jeans in.
  • Crayons– All those little nubs and nibs that you don’t use any more? Well you have two options you can either melt them down yourself and make new crayons or you can send them to the National Crayon  Recycling Program.
  • Keys– Seems logical now that I say it right? I mean they are metal. But where? Try Keys for Kindness its a homegrown charity that collects old keys recycles them and then donates the proceeds to the MS Society.
  • Rechargeable Batteries– I know alot of Home Depots have drop boxes for these but if you don’t have one near try Call 2 Recycles website to find another location.
  • Soap– Take all those little chunks and slivers you have left and send them to Clean the World where they are sanitized re-made and distributed all over the world. Or just put them all in a lufa bag or old panty hose.
  • Mattresses- Check with your retailer to see if the will recycle your old mattress. Many can be recycled up to 90%!


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“Strange things to Compost”

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