Caribbean Cruise 2012 Pictures Part 1

Last fall a few friends of our called us out of the blue and asked us to go on a cruise. After a great honeymoon of course we jumped at the chance. In fact even though it was a different cruise we happened to be on the same ship!

First port Key West, aren’t we cool in our Oakley’s?

 N and K ready for dinner our first night on the ship.

We missed our second port (Grand Cayman) because of weather but that is fine, just another relaxing day on the ship.


In Jamaica Mac and I went zip lining (is that a word?) it was all fun but of course the final 1,036 foot line was the best! Then after we had some of the best Jerk Chicken I’ve ever tasted.

The hush puppy was like part corn bread part hushpuppy and it was fabulous!

Not our best picture honestly but one of my favorite memories, dinner in the steakhouse our last night on the ship. Such amazing food and great friends. Speaking of them here we all are before the meal, not stuffed after like above.


Then before we went to the airport we stopped by the Miami Seaquarium. Its on of the nations leading rehabs for manatees, cool!

Finally we were on the plane and heading back home.

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