Husband Challenge: Linky Party #7

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Life Love Green


This month I loved learning to relax with Mac
Mac and I took our second ‘big’ vacation last week with a few friends and it was great! Unfortunately for now the pictures are only on Mac’s computer so I have only 2 lame ones to share but hey at least its something:

C65FEA31-2, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Mac and N enjoying a beverage right after boarding the ship.

E5DA3E57, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Before heading back to the airport we checked out the Miami SeAquarium
So here is what I stink at…..relaxing. Surprised? No?!! Yeah no on is, lol.
But I did better I think then last time, a few things helped me along, like the day we couldn’t stop at Grand Cayman because of rough seas, so that was another day just to chill on the ship. The other thing that helped was of course Mac.

So for those of you who don’t know me I’m a little bit ummm wound up tight, I tend to think along the lines of ‘we paid for this vacation we should get our moneys worth’ in my mind that doesn’t mean laying around. But isn’t that what a vacation is?!? Yep, and Mac is good to remind me of that. I think together we have the perfect balance of active and chill on a vacation. Together we managed to enjoy:
Relaxing on the Sun Deck
Just chatting with friends
Zip Lining through Jamaica
Shopping in Key West
Lots of delicious food

Comeback tomorrow for pics (hopefully.)

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