A Green BBQ

Tomorrow is the Husband Challenge Linky Party so start thinking about what you want to say about your Hubby/Spouse/Fiance this month.

Well had I been smart I would have taken pictures Monday, but I was having too much fun to remember…oops. Anyway we had a BBQ last night, nothing to big only 6 people or so but when I was compiling my list of what we needed paper plates and plastic silverware never even crossed my mind.

So we started off on a good note but the it continued, we grilled brats from a bulk package (less waste) we bought all of our veggies from the farmers market (mostly local and no packaging) and a few hand made sides from myself and there you have it.

On a side note the farmers market is up and going again! Yea! Check out my haul: 3F7F37DB, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I got, cilantro, green onions, yellow onions, garlic, ginger, peppers, cherries, homemade pickels and peppercinies, all for $20.00!!

Oh and see those great produce bags? They are my favorites from Love for Earth!

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