10k Training: 1/2 Marathon in 6 days…

I’m less than a week away from the race and I’m NERVOUS. I just spent a wonderful week with Mac and some friends on a cruise and it was amazing but I did gain a few pounds…hopefully not enough to notice while running. I made sure to run 4 times while we were gone but none of my runs were over 4 miles. My other concern is my lack of accuracy with my GPS, I think I should be able to maintain about a 10 min mile for the whole run but that is only if most of my long runs in the last few weeks were somewhat accurate….which I’m not sure of. But what I do know is that I’ll be able to finish, hopefully w/o walking. I’m sticking to my training plan its worked for me so far so why stop now? I’m not going for a PR so running a few miles the day before isn’t going to kill me and since its what I’ve been doing before my long runs anyway  I think it will be better. So here is the plan for this week.

Tuesday 3 Miles @ and EZ Pace (hopefully with the hubby and a puppy)

Thursday 5 miles with 2 @ Tempo Pace 

Saturday 3 Miles EZ

Sunday RACE! 13.3 miles


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