Thoughts on Thursday: Difference of Definition

So as much as I would like to claim that Mac and I are the perfect couple and never disagree…I would be lying. Of course we disagree. But some times if we just take a step back from the situation and really look at what we are talking about we find out that we aren’t so much disagreeing as just a difference of definition.

Its funny how you can have a whole conversation about oh I don’t know the color teal, and even though you think your talking about the same thing, you both have completely different colors in mind…. Its the same thing when your having discussions or disagreements in your marriage.

 If the conversation just seems to be getting no where (you both agree to something, but its not happening as you expected OR you are disagreeing on something for no obvious reason.) It might be because whatever your talking about means different things to you. Maybe your hubby is saying no to a teal wall because he hates the color, or maybe he doesn’t know that your thinking of a lighter shade and showing him a color swatch might make all the difference.

NO I’m not painting the walls teal FYI.

Just this week Mac and I had this dilemma. We were going in circles over the word important. The problem wasn’t that Mac didn’t feel I was important every time we talked about it he agreed. The problem was he didn’t understand my definition of important. He didn’t know what I was looking for therefore he had no chance of doing it. Once I defined it for him (not that my definition is ‘right’ its just mine) it was a whole different ball game and I think it really helped both of us.

So next time your having a disagreement quick check what the discussion is about and see if there is any potential differences in definition.

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