Traveling Green

Traveling is something I love to do and with a cruise coming up next week its got me thinking again about how to ‘green’ traveling a bit. First of all a while back I talked about how to fly green but today I want to talk about travel in general.

I think some of my suggestions work even not on a plane per sae. When I travel I always have at least one water bottle with me and I fill it everywhere I go, even good old McDonalds (which is NOT green) if  I eat there then I fill my bottle instead of their disposiable cup. 

How to make fast food greener:

  • Go inside and order your food that way your eliminating the bag and other un nessacary packaging.
  • BYON  bring your own napkin.
  • Order bigger split nuggets and french fries to reduce cost and packaging.
  • Just don’t buy it and pack a lunch ahead of time!

Road trip greener:

  • If your traveling with family try to car pool do you really need 2 cars for 4 people?
  • Use the most gas effecint option you can fit in,  2 people and luggage in a Prius or Pathfinder…
  • Drive the speed limit, unless you have a multi day driving trip really the most you can save in 300 miles is like 10-15 min, is that worth a ticket?
  • Bring your own snacks.

Pack greener:

  • Toliteries are hard, try buying some reuseable small bottles and refilling them or save your bottles that have just a little left and take those with then toss them or better yet recycle them when they are gone!
  • Pack smart, pick a few plain bottoms and then all sorts of tops, this will cut down on space you need in the suitcase therefore reducing the amount or size of luggage you need.
  • Share your suitcase this reduces your cost if your flying and the weight of the plane.

Have more ideas for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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