10k Training: I ran 12 miles!!!

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So yesterday I did something I thought would be impossible just a month ago….I ran 12 miles, in a row no stopping now walking (although there was a little fence hopping I ran in to some construction.)

 Well if I’m being honest I think I ran 12 miles my GPS gets really crazy sometimes and this was one of those times… I would blame the small wooded section I run through but honestly it was wonky before that this time. So according to my GPS I ran 13.4 miles but I try to add .2 miles for every 3 miles I run to make it accurate, this time it was really wonky so I added more I’d rather be over training than under training.

  • 12 miles
  • 01:54 time
  • 09:27 pace
  • 1370 calories

So I won’t bore you with all of my training statistics but if you want to follow me you can here:

 fitness apps

But now the real challenge comes I won’t have a ‘normal’ training week again until 1 week before the race and that week  I should be taking it ‘easy’ anyway so hummm. Plus all the yummy food on the cruise, this is going to be hard. But I think the motivation of the run should help!

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