Duathalon Relay Race – Done!

Last weekend I fulfilled a dream of mine, a recently added dream, but a dream none the less. Once I got the idea in my head it was stuck and I wanted to do it. Lucky for me my parents agreed to my crazy plan! 

We ran a Duathalon Relay!


My Mom started us off, I have to admit I was a little nervous her goal was to “not be last” and looking at the field I saw we had a pretty serious looking group. We were just doing it for fun, but I desperately wanted my mom to accomplish that goal….and she did! On a hilly windy 5k she ran 35:07!!! When she came around the bend to the transition zone I was crying, hence the slightly blurry picture  I wasn’t really paying attention…


Next up was my dad he was biking 20 miles, I wasn’t worried about the distance at all, he is a biker and does 100 mile rides during the summer (crazy) but the route had good hills and sharp turns.  Turns out he was the 4th fastest in our group!! He rode it in 1:07:27 

I was the 3rd leg of the relay another 5k. I’m training for distance so haven’t been focusing on speed at all. So my goals were to be sub 30 and without stopping. I’ve talked about it before but my training for a long time included 4 long stop lights (2 out and 2 back) so I was used to stopping and recovering. Therefore I’ve never completed a race w/o stopping.  Until now! 28:53 (PS I caught them by surprise so my pic is also a little blurry, mom had to run to get my pic!)


Thanks Mom and Dad for doing this with me it means so much to me!

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