Thoughts on Thursday: Divorce


Let me start by saying there are some reasons for divorce that unfortunately for all involved are not ‘good’ reasons per se (meaning bad things are happening) but very valid reasons. For the sake of what I’m writing below I’m not referring to those valid divorces.

So lets get on with my point, I believe that the idea of divorce has made marriage more of a game than a commitment. You know ‘ We will try it out and if it doesn’t work we can always get a divorce.” Really?!? NO, I’m sorry (OK no I’m not) in my world and my beliefs marriage is a commitment to your spouse “till death do you part.” I’ve lived “till death do you part” it wasn’t always easy but its one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Dating is when you get to see if your compatible, test the waters. Find out each others beliefs, views on money, what you do for fun, how you get along. Marriage is when you know all of that is good and your ready to be together forever.

I don’t believe that when you, just don’t get along anymore, or the spark is gone. You just get a divorce and go look for the next guy. That is when you work it out, you change something up, go to counseling, talk to each other again. You work for it. Marriage doesn’t have to be easy to be good. In fact some of the best examples of marriages I have had VERY rough patches. But they worked through it and are better in the end.

Honestly this is one area when I think Hollywood has far too much impact. We see celebrities married one week and divorcing the next. Its a joke when they get married to see how long it is before they divorce. We have records and stats for the shortest celebrity marriage, the biggest payout for alimony. Those are our examples? No wonder The divorce rate in America for first marriage is 41% (According to enrichment journal on the divorce rate in America.)

Fight for your marriage!

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