Green in the news #6

Here are just a few articles I’ve read lately with a little added commentary by me!

“Natural” Fingernail Polish may not be
“When nail care products claim to be free of unsafe chemicals, despite how the label reads, just the opposite is often true,” the report finds, noting that the greatest concern is not for women wearing nail polish but salon workers repeatedly applying nail-care products to customers for hours a day, day after day. DBP and toluene are known to the State of California as developmental toxins. Formaldehyde is recognized as a carcinogen by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. By Dan Shapley on The Daily Green

My Opinion:
I’m so sick of green washing, I just don’t understand how companies think its OK to claim they are ‘green’ when in fact they are not. According to this study some of the nail polishes even had higher concentrations of on of the chemicals (toluene.) This is honestly just ridiculous. Regular people like me have to trust those labels (ie list of ingredients) I don’t have a lab at home to test on my own. This honestly just makes me mad.

Chicago University Bans Bottled Water and Adds Refill Stations

After several educational campaigns led by the Student Environmental Alliance and the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy over the last few years, a majority of students voted last week to phase out the sale of disposable water bottles on campus in 2013, according to a university release.  Huffington Post Green

 My Thoughts

I think this is great, I’m already in the habit of always having a bottle with me and I would love it if there were more ‘fill stations’ or water fountains around for me to use. Many business are now taking this step so why not start in collage?

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