Thoughts on Thursday: Make Time to Celebrate


I didn’t mention it yesterday (since we really didn’t do anything to celebrate) but it was my birthday!  Heck I even worked yesterday.

So we had plans to celebrate with friends last weekend, turned out to be a small group but a lot of fun thanks guys!

Meagan and I., Uploaded with Snapbucket

Incase you don’t recognize me all glamed out I’m on the right.    (Thanks for doing my make-up M!)

Then we had plans to celebrate with various family groups this weekend. Fun right? Well Tuesday I had a rotten day at work, it was so bad I almost left (not a co-worker problem at all FYI sometimes the things I interpret are just hard.) Anyway, I vented to Mac and upon my arrival home I was greeted with a cake, one of my gifts (more on the loot next week 😉 ) and informed me we were going out to one of my favorite  ‘special’ places Red Lobster.

We bumped into some friends on the way and they joined us, when we all shared our dessert I wanted a picture with Mac so I held up the plate…a little too far the ice cream slid right off. Well it was dark and we were laughing so its not the best picture but its a great memory.

Make some time to celebrate!


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