Our big Green Bin

We got something great delivered the other day at our house…nope not a birthday present (it is my birthday today though…) It was a great big NO SORT recycling bin!Ribbion-3

For us this means we don’t need to bundle cardboard anymore and they now take all plastics #1-7!! My hope is it also means more people will recycle because its easier. Most everyone on my block  recycles, but there are a few houses that never did. I’m really hoping these no sort bins change that.

I thought the cities list for why this is a benefit was kind of funny so I thought it would share:

  • No need to sort recyclables into categories YEA!
  • No longer need to carry heavy blue bin down to the curb
  • Will be able to wheel your recyclables down to the curb Isn’t that the last bullet point?
  • Larger containers allow room to recycle additional plastics and cartons  YEA!
  • Larger container only needs to be collected every other week I”m going to forget which weeks it is….
  • Privacy-your neighbor walking the dog won’t see your empty bottles If your drinking so much your embarrassed….maybe you should think how much you drink…
  • Covered container keeps recyclables clean and dry
  • If you have a large family or home business that generates a lot, you can get a larger cart
  • Carts are less likely to blow around the neighborhood than empty blue bins on windy days YEA!


So 3 cheers for the new no sort bins, for whatever your reasons!

One thought on “Our big Green Bin

  1. We just got one too! My sister is a bit annoyed because the city isn’t giving her neighborhood their carts until next February.

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