Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge #6

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Life Love Green

What I love about Mac this month is our activities together.

 When we first started dating I learned pretty quickly that paintball was a big part of Mac’s life.  At the time he was working with a great Christian Ministry that incorporated paintball as a way to teach young men some great lessons. Anyway I digress. Paintball became ‘our thing’ first I just started going to practice with him. Then I started taking pictures and its grown from there. We both like to play (even though I stink) and now we both travel and take pictures for national events!

Lately however I have a new hobby….can you guess? Running! Its kind of been my thing since the end of last year but in January on a crazy cold day Mac came with to my first ‘real’ 5k (meaning not an adventure race) and was super supportive of my goals for races this year. Then this week he started running with me!  After making a 3 mile loop he said he would keep running with me on my short run Tuesdays!

I’m so stinking excited!




One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge #6

  1. I totally Lurve this idea! and I am totally doing this today so I will include your button in my post and my sidebar. I think it is so important to be proud of our hubbies and let others know that men are great. So many people just put their husbands down so I love this!!! Did I say I love this? Just checking……

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping such a sweet line on me and becoming my newest follower. I am following along right back!

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