Easy Green: Go Paperless

As a greenie who loves to scrapbook I feel like a hypocrite (no I will not give that up, yes I do try to use every inch of every piece of paper) I feel like a bit of a hypocrite but in every other area of my life I try to eliminate as much paper as possible.  So here are a few ways you can eliminate paper from your everyday life.  Some of these ideas you’ve heard before but hopefully some of the ideas are new ones.

  • Use online billing and bill pay as much as possible.  Yes sometimes the bank still cuts a check but a lot of the time they just do a funds transfer.
  • Make your shopping lists on your phone or e-reader. For one thing I always have my phone with me so there is much less of a chance of forgetting it on the counter. You can even download apps where you can check off or cross out items as you go!

 (This is Shop Shop)

  •  Use cloth bags instead of paper (or plastic.)
  • Use e-coupons, many places don’t require you to print their e-mail coupons anymore just show them on your phone. I know of Caribou Coffee, Michael’s, Achievers
  • Use cloth towels instead of paper towels whenever possible and cloth napkins.
  • Opt-Out of catalogs and other informational booklets and get the e version instead, come on do you read the booklets your investment firm sends you? I don’t.

What do you do to eli9minate paper in your life?  Any other stores you know of that accept e-coupons?

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