Thoughts on Thursday: Don’t get mad, get glad!

Who knew you could get marriage advice from a garbage bag commercial?

Remember that over all you and your spouse love eachother.

 I’ve talked about this general topic before but I think it really is a big part of a healthy relationship so I want to keep bringing it up and reminding you.

When you guys are a having a bad day, the communication isn’t happening and your just getting frustrated with each other, remember you both have good intentions. I’m not talking about a situation where one of you messed up and your mad at each other, in those moments you might not have the best intentions….

I’m talking about those days where maybe one of you had a bad day, and everything you say at home is coming out wrong. Remember that person has the best intentions they are just having a bad day. Or maybe that time where you try to help out but end up messing something up, again they had the best intentions.

If we take a step back and look at things knowing this, it will greatly help out attitudes towards each other. This in turn will make a happier marriage. Mac and I have been working on this for a few months and I can say it has helped me a lot. When I hear him say something innocuous but he has an edge in his voice, I remind myself to focus on the words and remember that he had a rough day or he is tired or whatever. This keeps me from being offended and over all keeps everything going smooth!


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