10k Training: Run like a girl

So I have a few questions about being a female runner. Some I’ve found the answers for others I’m looking for your help on.

Can I wear ‘mens’ running shoes?

Well from all my research the answer is YES! If it fits well and your not slipping around because its wider go for it. Why would you want to do that? Well color choices! I want this crazy Asics shoe but I dont’ like the girl version, too much pink bleh 🙁 But check out the guys version:

How do you keep your hair up?

I always just do a pony tail and for race days I do a little something extra. For my last race I twisted down the sides to keep the wispy hairs out of the way.
PhotobucketBut what I’m really wanting is a headband that will stay! I want something I can use for my everyday runs for a quick do’ that keeps the short hairs out of my eyes. But I can’t find one that will stay put 🙁 any suggestions?

Where do you buy a good bra?

I’m not a well endowed lady pretty much right in the middle between a B and C cup but that is just enough to want a well supporting bra. Problem is ‘good’ bras from athletic stores are between 40-80 dollars!! Umm no, I need one that is supportive and good quality so it won’t wear out quickly but is also affordable, because lets face it, it will be replaced sooner than anything else I own.

*~* Fair warning, I won’t be to explicit but this next topic is, ahem, not sutiable  for men shall we say? *~*

Here is one question I do have an answer for:

What do you use when your aunt flow is visiting and you go for a  run?

For me the answer is simple, I use my Diva Cup! There are some times when I still use a tampon. For instance I keep some in my purse just in case so if I need one its there. But I would say 90% of the time I use my Diva cup. Its perfect for running and other activities though. Why you may ask?  Its flexible so it moves with you when you run, and it has umm how to I say it….high volume?


So what other things have you discovered as a woman runner? Any hints for me?


One thought on “10k Training: Run like a girl

  1. I’d recommend a bra…but, my first choice is $50 – I think it’s worth it though, since I am endowed and the ladies remain even if I lose weight :S

    I can however recommend a hairband – I use Bondi Bands (http://www.bondiband.com/). They are relatively inexpensive and work really well…I run in them for miles and not only do they keep the hair out of my face they prevent sweat from going into my eyes!

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