Grandma C

I love both of my Grandma’s very much. But right now I find myself really thinking about my Grandma C, mostly because she is quickly forgetting me….

Grandma C has alztimers, it hit a few years back but its gotten to the point where she has moved into a locked nursing home floor and really its a 50-50 chance if she will know who I am when I call. If she does remember me its the same things over and over how is where, when are you coming up how is the hubby. But last night for the first time, she had no clue who I was…that was hard.

One of my best memories of her is her gold bag.They would come up pretty often, for every grandparents day, chior performace and so on.  When they would come to visit, she would bring her big gold bag. I’m not even sure what was in it to be honest. My mom says just small things like coloring books and other small gifts. But I just remember the excitment of it. Grandma is coming, I wonder what is in the bag!!
Gold bag, Uploaded with Snapbucket
 My mom took this picture a few weeks ago when she was helping go through her closets and purge the clutter…

Its hard to not have her remember all the fun stuff we used to do on the farm. Catching frogs, styling her hair, all the fun arts and crafts. Or later after they moved in to town we would go to the Omaha Zoo, or I would help out at her flower and gift store….

I’m also feeling a little guilty, I was supposed to go down in February for my brothers birthday, but it  didn’t happen. I hurt my shoulder and was stressed out with the whole workers comp, process. I just couldn’t go….and now?

2 with grandma, Uploaded with Snapbucket
 This is myself my ‘little’ brother and my Grandma last Thanksgiving.

Sorry pity party for one over here.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandma. I understand how you’re feeling because my grandfather on my dad’s side also has Alzheimer’s. He completely forgot about all of us about 4-5 years ago and it’s really hard on everyone. These days, when we visit him, he pretends to know who we are but in reality, he just thinks we’re all strangers. In fact, I think his mind is stuck somewhere in the past when he was still living in China and trying to survive post world war II. And I know that it’s even harder for my grandmother since he is constantly looking straight at her and asking her if she’s seen his wife and when she will be home from work.

    Alzheimer’s really is one of the toughest disease that affect the people we love. Even more so when we are the only ones who can remember everything that has happened. Hugs to you and to your family.

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