Green in the News #5

Here is an article I’ve read lately with a little added commentary by me! Since this one is so long I’m only doing one.

Looking for Fossil Fuels in Africa

Up and down the country’s shoreline, Western energy companies, as well as a number of Asian competitors, are drilling wells thousands of feet below the Indian Ocean in hopes of striking it rich. The rewards could be huge. Mozambique may have more deposits of natural gas — used in everything from manufacturing to electricity generation — than the European energy giant Norway.  By MARK SCOTT of the New York Times

My thoughts:

First of all I need to tell you I don’t know much about drilling or fracking and how it impacts the earth. I know its not good but may be one of those ‘nessacary evils’  since as much as we don’t  like it we are fossil fuel dependent.

So with that in mind, I’m glad we have found somewhere outside of the middle east to look for these resources. I hope we are respectful of their country and the environment during our search but I’m not sure we can stop it…..My big issue with this is on the 2nd page of the article when they start to explain the impact on Green Energy. They said that the availability of more fossil fuels has people un-intersted in the more expensive development of alternative energy (wind farms and solar panels.)

I think no matter what we need to be investing in our future with clean energy and the development of these methods. At some point we are going to run out of oil and natural gas and then what? What will the drilling and fracking do to the earth? Shouldn’t we pursue better options while we still have the time to?

What do you think?



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