I’m running for Mark

Well I was going to have this be Mondays post but so many people are already donating I wanted to get something formal up.

I’ve decided when I’m going to run my first 10k June 30th!

I’m Running in the Time to Fly 2012 Race for the Childrens Cancer Reserch Fund.

Each of us has a story. We all want a cure.

So what is my story? 

 My first husband Mark passed away in December 2007 from Thymus Carcinoid Cancer. While not specifically a childhood cancer it does start developing during puberty, when instead of turning to fatty tissue the Thymus turns in to tumors. Often its not discovered until one of those tumors impedes on something else. Such was the case for Mark, it wasn’t discovered until he was 21 and it affected his 6th cranial nerve causing double vision.

 Since Mark passed away I’ve sorta been at a loss for what to do on his birthday and also December 10th which is the date he passed away. I want to acknowledge it, but how? I was so excited to find this race this is  the perfect way, something active (which we loved to be) something fun for me (running) and something that would do some good. Not to mention they have a 5k walk option so this is something I can do for a while!

 I signed up around 8 PM last night and quick posted a status update on facebook, by 11:23 I already had reached my $250.00 goal!!! So I guess I set my sights too low….So I’ve raised my goal to $400.00 for now and hope to raise it again.

 I’m Running for Mark

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