Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #6

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LIfe Love Green
What I love about Mac this month is his teamwork!

This is something that Mac is good about in general but he proved it undeniably while we were on our paintball trip and then (since this is a week late) yesterday when Cooper had to go back to the doctor.

We are pretty good about dividing up the ‘everyday’ chores to make sure they all get done. Since we both work full time, I’m a crazy runner and he loves his projects we don’t have a lot of spare time. However with a little team work it all happens.

Over the last paintball weekend he proved this even more when we divided and conqured our list of teams we needed to get photos for. Mac and I shared teams pretty evenly but when I was stuck on a field he would go do the special promo shots or team pictures and vice versa. We also shared in the driving which was great since California driving can be a little stressful….

Lastly, Cooper had a little setback with his splint and he had to be taken in to the doctor right away. Ryan started work later than me yesterday so he dropped him off and talked to the doctor. Then after work since I got off earlier I went to pick him up. It was a stressful situation made MUCH easier by team work.

I love this man!

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