The busy season comes early around here.

So last weekend began the busy season for me, paintball season is off and running and I’m chasing behind taking pictures. That has me thinking about the blog and my plans for the ‘paintball season.”  As you can see I failed miserably at pre-planning for this trip….oops.

I hope to stay on top of things and at least be posting 3-4 times a week but I wanted to let you know what was up.

Here is the general plan I might not post everyday everyweek but if I do here will be the format:

Monday-You Capture

Tuesday-10k Training (heathy food/exercise/progress)

Wednesday- Something Green!

Thursday-Thoughts on Thursday

Friday- Whatever day

Meanwhile here are a few pics from the this last weekend:Photobucket

The Pro team the won 1st place XSV



One of out teams took 1st in their division


Plus for the 1st time ever we remembered to take a pic with our banner!


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