10k Training: Busy Week = No Runs :(

I’m literally too busy this week to run. But at least I’ll be moving around, alot! I’m going to be on a paintball field on the beach in California. But I’m actually pretty bummed out. This will be the first week in months I haven’t run at least once.

I was just looking at the schedules and I might be able to fit in a run Thursday afternoon, but I don’t know the area so we will have to see how safe it is and if there is sidewalk or trails near by once I get there.

Do any of the runners that read this, run when they are out of town and not in a familiar spot? I’m wondering if it’s worth taking up suitcase space with my shoes….

Other than that my next race is the first weekend in May. I’m running a Du-athalon relay with……my parents! I got this crazy idea a few months ago and when I asked my mom if she wanted to run a race with me some day she said yes! Then I saw this du-athalon (run/bike) and I knew it was perfect. I will run a 5k my Dad will bike 20 miles then my Mom will run a 5k!

When I get back (and I’m crazy editing pictures from the tournyment) I’m going to start a 10 week training program that is meant to take you from 5k’s to half marathons. I don’t know if I’ll be running that far but I think it will help me to have a ‘real training program’ that is pushing me.


One thought on “10k Training: Busy Week = No Runs :(

  1. Good luck with your 10k goal! I’m not a regular runner since I can’t seem to wake up to run these days but I do pack my running shoes with me when I travel just in case. I also do a lot of research about the area I would be able to run in just to make sure that there are places that I can do it safely. I hope you had fun in California!

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