You Capture: Fun

Well as I’ve mentioned a few times paintball season has started around here so  guess what my fun is?


Paintball Fun!

P.S. These are my pics but I was too lazy to add my Life, Love, Green watermakr so I just used theones from my photo website.


I think he is hit…(white paint on nose.)

This kind of paint

This is me! When Shooting paintball I wear, a padded headband, mask, elbow/forearm pads, T-shirt, padded pants and cleats.

This is Mac!

3 comments on “You Capture: Fun

  1. I have feared paint ball since I first heard about it in high school. I doubt I would ever be brave enough to go in with a camera. BUT, it makes for great pictures. Hats off to you.

  2. You definitely look like you’re having a blast 🙂 I’m impressed at how involved you are with paintball photography. I’d be too scared about being hit or being in the way to do the things you do!

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