Thoughts On Thursday: Spring home maintenance

Well guys spring has sprung and with it comes home maintenance, and with that the potential for squabbling. With our busy summer last year (and another one coming up) we have a lot of projects that MUST be done this year.  So in order to make sure everything gets done this year I have a plan.

First of all I made a list of the things I think we need to get done this year in Google Docs (I will express my obsession with Google Docs in another post.) Then I clicked that blue button in the upper right hand corner and shared it with my Hubby. I gave him editing rights so this way we can both add, edit, put them in order of when they should be done.

The biggest benefit of doing it this way is we are both on the same page. We both know and agree on what needs to be done, we both know what is completed and what is left. Plus we both know that some things have time constraints (i.e. adding more soft vents needs to happen before it gets too hot.)

Even if you don’t own/rent a house everyone has things that need to be done in the spring. Switching out your closets, cleaning the carpets of the winter grime, general spring cleaning and organizing.

I would HIGHLY suggest getting together with your spouse and make sure your on the same page, literally, with your spring projects. Make a list plan it out together and get going!

One thought on “Thoughts On Thursday: Spring home maintenance

  1. Great plan. It’s amazing how many of us wives think our husbands should just know what we want done. You know all the important stuff, like mounting that fire extinguisher that’s been sitting there for months. Why? Because I never said anything. So if you make a list it’s very plain what the expectations are.

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