Achieving Balance during Paintball Season

As of Sunday paintball photography season is in full swing. I was on the field taking pictures for 13 hours on Sunday…that is a long day, not going to lie. It was fun, tiring, and a little nerve-wracking. In the end I came home with around 4,400 pictures to edit, sort, crop and post online in 9 days….Did I mention I work 8 of those days?


This is one of my favorite pictures from last season at a local field.

 So this year instead of letting the house fall apart when I edit for 4 weeks solid….I’m going to try and keep things balanced. Here is the plan. I want to make sure I’m taking breaks, not just to get other ‘work’ done i.e. laundery, dinner, cleaning, but also to have some fun.  Tonight my fun will be a good workout, tomorrow I’m meeting a photographer friend (she did our wedding!) for a quick coffee. I also have a list of house things that need to get done each night, tonight I need to fold laundry I’m out of socks and may have stolen a pair of the hubbys today…


I love my collection of these.

So that is the plan, inter-mix life and editing. I’ll let you know how it works out. I have high hopes though 😉

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