10k Training: 7K Complete!

I ran a 7k in 40:59!


The average time was 47:48 and there were 8782 Finishers (2435 men, 6347 women) I don’t have any more details (like my place or anything) because they don’t have my offical time posted yet 🙁 This is just my phone time 😉

Ok so my goal was under 40 min, I based that off of my recent runs and around a 9 min mile pace. But I learned this weekend that my phones gps tracker is accurate within 1/10th of a mile per mile so I had been training .33 miles short. Oops so really only adding 1 min for an extra .33 miles is pretty good! My split times were all over the place though 6:30 min miles to 12:50 min miles.

I also learned a few other things I need to improve upon:

  • My breathing stinks, the few times I had to walk (1/2 block) was because of my breathing not my legs.
  • I need to train on a path without 2 long stop lights. I think my body got used to those breaks.
  • I need to add .1 miles per mile I want to run (ie I want to run 4 miles I should run 4.4 on my phone just to make sure I did.)
  • I need to pace better, time to start running tempo runs (if I truly understand what they are, lol.)

Over all I’m extreamly happy and I deffinetly see a 10k in my future, I even have one in mind.



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