Learning about myself: Making Decisions

Its weird to me when we have to start ‘defining’ ourselves. But getting married at 26 is a lot different than when I was married at 19. At 19 we grew up together, we figured ourselves out together and well it was easier that way…but not nessacarly better. Now at almost 29 and married for 2.5 years its different. We both have our own ways of doing things and processing things, I find myself having to explain how my brain works, and well its hard because I’m not really sure myself. So I guess its a good thing, because I’m taking a look at things and really learning about me!

So what I learned this week? How I make decisions. I’m not talking about easy decisions, or even the hard ones with an obvious answer. I’m talking about the ones where you see both sides and there is not clear answer. I found out that I really have to hammer out ALL the angles before I can make a decision. I need to know the what if’s and the maybes and all of that. I might know what the outcome is going to be mid-way through but I still need to evaluate everything. Why? Well its pretty simple really, if I don’t then I’ll keep thinking about it and make myself and everyone around me crazy.

What are you learning about yourself? Anything new?

One thought on “Learning about myself: Making Decisions

  1. I’m just like you when it comes to making decisions! I do it because I want to know for sure that I won’t regret the decisions I make especially since I’ve looked at the choices very thoroughly. It’s frustrating and tiring sometimes but when things work out, it’s the best feeling to have, right? I’m currently rediscovering so many things about myself that my brain feels exhausted but in a good way. Hopefully, I’ll share it on my blog one day too 🙂

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