Thoughts on Thrusday: Awkward Moments

This was one of those weeks that had potential for being pretty awkward. I didn’t really want to draw a lot of attention to it but yesterday would have been Mark’s 29th birthday (for more information on Mark check out My Story.)

I’m at this weird stage in my grieving process where I don’t need to make a big deal out of his birthday in fact doing so would just make it harder, but at the same time its there and I know it is. I could tell it was bugging me a little when I managed to leave my house with my breakfast shake sitting on the counter, left a dog in a cast without toys to preoccupy him and with only 1/2 my make up on. Not a shining morning for me.

I had reminded Mac of the date the night before and he was so sweet asking if I was ok and if he could do anything. I told him it was fine so far I just wanted to let him know. Through out the day I had my moments but over all I held it together, once I got home I found out that Mark’s parents had sponsored their local Christian radio station for the day in his honor. That touched me, I went upstairs told Mac and he had the perfect reaction “Are you ok?” Yes, it was just so perfect for them to do that I think they did it last year too. Then he hugged me. It was perfect, simple and not at all awkward.

I’m so blessed.

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