Green in the News #4

Here are just a few articles I’ve read lately with a little added commentary ;)

Study Highlights Hidden Dangers in Everyday Products — Even the “Green” Ones

The study included both conventional products, such as Windex original glass cleaner and Irish Spring deodorant soap, as well as “alternative” products marketed as containing safer ingredients than their conventional counterparts, such as Seventh Generation Free and Clear natural glass and surface cleaner and Tom’s of Maine natural moisturizing body bar. Lab tests detected 55 chemicals of concern-including parabens, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), antimicrobials, cyclosiloxanes, glycol ethers, and fragrances-in the conventional product samples tested and also found 41 concerning chemical compounds in all but 11 alternative products. Very few of these chemicals were included on product labels. ~Forbes Woman By Amy Westervelt

My Opinion:

This honestly just makes me mad, how can you make a product and not list all of the ingredients? Blah I mean I guess I don’t know the laws for non food items but for people like me who read those labels its really annoying. Especially on the baby stuff, boo. I wish somewhere in the article they told us what 11 alternative products did not contains concerning chemicals. I’m also wondering what we  can do to get proper labels on these things, they come in contact with us our food eek!

I’m going to start making my own instead of buying the ‘natural’ stuff. As I run out I’ll start testing things and let you know what I find.


 Edwards Air Force Base Gets New Solar Power Installation

What’s big, green and set to save taxpayers money over the course of the next 30 years? A new 3.4 megawatt (MW) solar power installation at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, that’s what. Comprising three ground-mounted, single-axis tracking solar farms, the system was built and is owned by Borrego Solar, which will sell power to the military base under the terms of an in-house power purchase agreement (PPA). ~From Earth Techling’s Susan DeFreitas

My Opinion:

I was all excited about this when I first started to read this artical, until I read this line“What we’re trying to do (with this project) is not so much conserve energy, but save money.” Well at least the way they save money is green!



I know there are only two articals today but I would really like you to go and read at least one of them in its entirerty (may I suggest the first one?) So I didn’t want to bore you with a long post.



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