10k Training: Running Partner Down :(

First lets start with some good news. I honestly can’t believe this number, I’m VERY close to the point where I will stop trying to lose weight and start focusing on toning. I can’t wait!

The second bit of  fun news is I have a race this weekend! The Get Lucky 7k, I’m going to try and run 4.35 miles in under 40 min. Pased on my last few 5 mile runs and the fact that this course has very few (if any) hills I think I can do it. This is race 2 out of my goal of 4 but I think that goal might go up in distance and number of races.

Now for the bad news, my running partner Cooper (the cutest Golden-Doodle in the world) broke his toe. 

  Cooper and I went for a run on Tuesday of last week  (5.01 Miles in 52:23) no problem.  Then all of the sudden Friday night Mac noticed him limping and when we took a closer look the outside of his paw was bruised and swollen. After a doctors check up and an x-ray….yep broken.  He is in a splint for at least 4 weeks, and we have to limit his movement as much as possible.  His foot can’t get wet (kinda a pain when you go to the bathroom outside… and pain pills, which help keep him calm but also cause..well umm…problems.

PhotobucketThis is his splint covered in his ‘waterproof’ saline bag.

Poor little guy 🙁


One thought on “10k Training: Running Partner Down :(

  1. Poor Cooper, hope he feels back to his feisty self soon.

    Good luck on the 5k this wknd. (I wish I could run but my doctor won’t let me). It’s awesome you are close to just being on maintenance. I can’t wait until I am at that point (but i am only 76 days into this all and not be too hard on myself). Can’t complain about the 13 pounds and 16 inches so far…

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