Thoughts on Thursday: Beautiful Music

On Tuesday when I was talking about how Marriage is Special I posted a video about 2 people who went into their marriage knowing it was going to be a short one, but still very much in love. You can see the groom showing his love with actions, sitting beside her on a hard day. Going to Chemo treatments with her, and by saying yes when a dying girl asked him to marry her.  Wow.

But I also referenced what I’m going to talk about today.

Marriage needs both harmony and unison

There are a few ways you can look at this I’m going to start with the one my Dad was talking about in Church on Sunday. A Christian marriage should start in unison, you should both come in to the marriage as believers and on the same page about your faith. With this common foundation you start your marriage in unison. As you progress through your marriage you can build harmony, working together with common beliefs but as separate people. Because lets face it we as men and women are different and well that is a good thing. If we all acted exactly the same the world would be off balance to say the least. Imagine a world of all men… it wouldn’t workout would it? Well neither would a world of all women, which is why we have both. We can both work together in our own special ways to:

  • Keep the house running.
  • Raise our kids
  • Provide for our families (emotionally, physically and financially)
  • Help our neighbors
  • Change the world


Melody, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I’m NOT saying that if you don’t believe in God you cant make beautiful music not in the least. Your just singing a different song, but all the basics are the same. If you come into the marriage with the same core foundations then you are in unison. If you come in with different core beliefs but your in harmony then you can work together to achieve unison.

Personally I believe to have a strong successful marriage (I’m talking the real emotional, life shared marriage, not the kind where you just co-exist)  you need to come into it together with the same beliefs what ever they may be.  So go and make beautiful music!

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