Foto Friday

Well I’ve been wanting to ‘capture’ the everyday again for a while now, you know use that fancy camera I have? Just capture life and all its beauty. Plus with paintball season coming up I want to take picture of more than just paint covered dudes running around. Wile I love it, it makes me sick that about 75% of the pics I took last year had nothing to do with our life.

So with every good intention, I failed miserably. But at least I got a few things captured with my phone, so here it is. My life this week in pictures (oh and 1 video.)


Photobucket We ate Vietnamese food to celebrate some good news.

I went for a 4 mile run and showed off my Road Id (I’m having a giveaway till 3/6/12)

We are getting rid of extra ‘stuff’ just sold my old dish set.


Oh and Cooper was super excited we got more snow:


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