Thoughts on Thursday: 5 Min a Day

I’m so excited to share this little idea I have with you, I’m sure its not new but I can’t think of anywhere I’ve heard it specifically so I’ll take credit for it. ūüėČ But first I want to remind you about the giveaway I’ve got going on. Check it out for a simple way to keep yourself safe while running/biking/climbing or any other activity, just wear a Road Id.

OK back to our regularly scheduled program.

Mac and I have been noticing that many of our communication frustrations are from a lack of communication. We are around each other alot and talk a fair amount but not about those silly little things like¬† budget, schedule, goals and so on. You know just silly things right? Humm guess not. Lately we have made a specific effort to talk about money more. So we both know where we are at and there aren’t any assumptions being made. Its helped our budget out quite a bit and I can’t help but think the same would work in other parts of our live.

So what if we took a specific 5 minutes each day to talk about ‘the important things.’ Review your schedule for the next day if anything is out of the¬†ordinary. Talk about where you stand with your budget, any big $$ things coming up (wanting to pay off a bill or a large bill coming.) Talk about what you hope to do this week, or next week so you can check in with each other. Just spend 5 min talking to each other, I bet it turns in to more.

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