Green Craft Round-Up #4


Have you “liked” my Facebook page? You should! I post up green crafts, Ideas, and such almost daily.  Click on that fun green button above and check out my page and then like it so I know you care 😉

But for those of you who aren’t on facebook or if you aren’t on often here are my green craft favorites from the last month of facebook posts.


No Sew Vest by Wobisobi

 Have an old t-shirt you want to do something with here is a great vest you can make, thanks again Wobisobi!

Magnetic Pin Dish by Stay at Home Artist


 Have an old plate some paint anda large advertising magnet? Make your self a pin dish! 


Wallpaper Beads by Show Me Crafting

Have any extra wallpaper laying around? Make yourself some pretty beads!


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