Book Review: Dark Mind

Dark Mind

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 316

Author: Jennifer Chase

From the Book Jacket:

 A Serial Killer Plagues an Island Paradise… Vigilante detective Emily Stone continues her covert pursuits to find serial killers and child abductors, all under the radar while shadowing police investigations. Emily searches for an abducted nine-year-old girl taken by ruthless and enterprising slave brokers. Following the clues from California to the garden island of Kauai, she begins to piece together the evidence and ventures deep into the jungle. It doesn t take long before Emily is thrown into the middle of murder, mayhem, and conspiracy. Locals aren t talking as a serial killer now stalks the island, taking women in a brutal frenzy of ancient superstitions and folklore. Local cops are unprepared for what lies ahead. In a race against the clock, Emily and her team must identify the killer before time runs out.


My Thoughts:
I just found my new series! Seriously I want to know so much more about Emily Stone and her history why she became the vigilante detective (although this story gives you a hint.) I can say without a doubt that the reason I loved this book is that I could not predict who the ‘bad guy’ was. I knew who he wasn’t but the elusive who done it evaded me. I liked the depth of the story too there was a lot of character development and by the end of the book  I was invested in Emily.


This story all takes place on one of the small islands in Hawaii you get the feel for the casual atmosphere and the shock that rips through people as they realize that there is a serial killer in their midst. Along the way you also discover a few other secrets the island is hiding. It was a great read with a soap opera like feel. You would finish one chapter on a cliff hanger and then the next chapter would be a different part of the story, you would have to wait a few chapters till you could get back to your cliff hanger moment. What a great way to keep me pulled in to the story. I just downloaded Compulsion which I think is the first of the series I can’t wait to read it!


I was provided a copy of this book to read and review but these opinions are all my own.

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