Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #5

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LIfe Love Green
What I love about Mac this month is his cooking!

At least twice a week Mac does the cooking and that makes me a very happy girl. For many reasons not the least of which is he is a great cook! We both make very different styles of food but we both like each others so its great to have that mix. Pretty much everything Mac makes has a Korean flare to it even if its not Korean food. My cooking on the other had is very Midwestern. Chili, meatloaf, pot roast. You know so yeah we are a great balance.

Plus when he cooks it takes the stress off of me to come up with something cook it and clean it. We normally help each other out with the cleaning part but you know what I mean right?


2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #5

  1. I do all the cooking in this family but mostly because it’s my kitchen and I don’t want Jason to misplace things πŸ™‚ I do love it when he cooks but the mess he leaves behind…not so much…

    I will have to remember to link up to the March husband challenge πŸ™‚

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