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So as I’ve talked about this before I do bulk card making at my house about once a month or so to keep up with birthdays thanks you’s and all of that. Well I haven’t done that in a while + I’ve been lax on sending cards (bad Amber bad) but this month I decided to get on top of it again.  Last night I realized that if I didn’t get my brothers card in the mail today he wouldn’t get it on time 🙁 Here are a few hints that can help you put together a last minute card if your stash has run out.

1.  Buy paper sets. I like to buy AC Cardstock sets when they go on clearance (75% off!!!) All the papers in the packs coordnate and the backs are white so when you fold them you can easily write on the inside.


2. Keep your scraps to make the next card. If you don’t have time to make 2 cards and your using 12×12 paper chances are you have enought paper left to make a second card. Keep those scraps together for quick card making in the future. This card was made quickly from the scraps left over from my Grandmas birthday card.


 3. Use vinyl instead of paper. I just thought of this last night, how have I never thought about it before?!? If you use paper you have to cut it then use double sided tape to attach it. If your using small or skinny pieces that can be annoying.  So I used my cricut to cut out the phrase and the outline from two different colors and then just used them as stickers.


4. Quick embelishments. Keep a stock of brads buttons and other items you can quickly add to give your card some pop. My Sizzix Texture Boutique adds embosing and texture to a card really quickly.Photobucket

5. Make Bulk Cards. Then when you have some extra time make a bulk batch of cards with blank areas for quick stamping Get Well, Happy Birthday or Thank You!




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