Instagram Love: Snow?

So last night when Mac and I walked out of the gym we noticed these strange white things floating through the air. I’m not sure, since we haven’t seen much this winter, but I think its called snow.  The problem with snow is it makes me have to get up earlier because of road conditions. But since there hasn’t been much this season I kinda forgot about that this morning when I hit snooze twice. Oh well, I made it to work on time and the snow is kinda pretty. In my neck of the woods we got about 3-4 inches.  But here it is outside of work, when I decided I should keep record of the one pretty snow we got before it melted.

Did I mention I get to work at 6:30 AM when the lighing isn't friendly to iphones?

2 comments on “Instagram Love: Snow?

  1. Snow! We had snowfall last Wednesday too but it was only for that one day. It’s a pretty big deal when it snows in Tokyo because no one here is prepared for it and everything gets stalled while people figure out how to go from one place to another without slipping and falling. It is quite pretty to watch snow fall from the comforts of your own home though!

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