Mainstream Green: Mary-Kay

Do you remember last month when I was so excited that some large events in town were making baby steps to being more green?

Well not long ago on of my friends became a Mary-Kay consultant. After getting her first package from them she excitedly posted on my facebook wall that the packing peanuts they use are water soluble! Now if you dump tem in your tub and just rinse them away your still ‘wasting water’ but what is worse that or the insoluble ones sitting in a landfill? My solution throw them in the tub and the beginning of your shower and then jump in with them.

So with that information in hand I googled it and found the Pink Doing Green page on their website and found they had a number of initiates in place. Compact recycling when they launched their new ones you could send in the old ones to be recycling. Tree planting, corporate recycling, and using a min 20% recycled materials in their packaging . I think the thing that impressed me most was their efforts to reduce energy consumption check this out:

“Energy Conservation – We have reduced energy consumption at our global corporate facilities by 12.8 percent with a decline of almost 6.5 million kwh – enough energy to power more than 1,000 average homes for one year.”

I’m excited to see big well known companies like this doing a few things to be a little more green. If all the companies just made a little effort, wow would this be a different place. When Mac and I were watching Dirty Jobs this week we saw a onion processing plant that used onion juice as 40% of their power and the San Fransisco Fire Department uses wooden ladders because they are repairable instead of replaceable!


Coming up this week
  • Another great giveaway (I’m SUPER excited about this one guys)
  • The Husband Challenge (get your posts ready to link up!)
  • Plus I’m going to tell you about the bet I’ve got going on with a friend.

I would love to know about other companies making an effort to be more ‘green’ let me know of any so I can check them out.


One thought on “Mainstream Green: Mary-Kay

  1. Yay!!! I love Mary Kay. Thanks for writing a post about the amazing things that we are doing to go green. 🙂 Fighting domestic abuse and donating to find a cure for women’s cancer are other things they are interested in, and I love it! I feel so lucky to be part of a company that does so many great things for us.

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